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The three of a kind game which is known as set or trips is a poker hand that contains three cards being the same rank and two cards with two different ranks such as two of diamonds, two of spades, two of clubs and king of spades, six of hearts which makes it three of a kind, sets of two, trip twos or just twos. This type is ranked below a straight but above two pairs. A player can pull around 54,912 possible three of a kind hand with 858 distinct ranks of three of a kind in case of a 52-card deck.

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Each three of a kind is ranked initially in the rank of triplets which is then followed by the highest rank of kicker followed by the low value kicker for an example a six of hearts, six of diamonds, six of spades, queen of club and four of a spades which will rank higher than the three of diamond, three of spades, three of clubs, king of spades and two of spades with a rank higher than the three of diamond, three of spades, three of clubs, jack of clubs and a seven of heart ranking higher than three of a diamond, three of a spades, three of a club, jack of spades and five of a diamond. Three of a kind hand with a difference in only suit as nine of spades, nine of hearts, nine of diamonds and tens of diamond with eight of hearts in comparison to nine of clubs, nine of hearts, nine of spades, tens of diamond and eight of diamonds will have the same rank in the game.

Community card dealing in agen bola:

In the community card games like Texas Hold’em the three of a kind is called as setonly if it contains pocket pair and a third card on the table. A player has to be careful when he or she has to pull the right play against the opponents. This makes the game of poker strategic and brings money to the pockets with few moves.